Post Go-live Support

We're here for you, at every stage of your journey

When you choose RapidXtra, our teams work closely with you. Supporting you right through the process, from initial requirements gathering to implementation, early life support and on-going post go-live support.

We recognise that a successful implementation is just the beginning of the journey. A close working partnership and support, there when you need it, are both critical to on-going success.

We adopt a partnership approach to our client relationships and work closely with you to drive development to ensure that RapidXtra continues to meet the needs of your business and the market in which you operate, and delivers accurate billing and complete customer satisfaction.

Our Service Desk


An essential element of our on-going customer support, our experienced second line support team is your dedicated key point of contact once RapidXtra is live within your business. Handling all types of customer contact; from general enquiries, through to change requests, issue resolution and system administration, the team delivers a proactive, knowledgeable and reliable service, offering you the invaluable advice and support you need and personally owning your enquiry through to resolution.


Supporting our clients post system go live is simply ingrained in our culture here at RapidXtra. You, and your ability to deliver effective billing and customer service to your customers at all times, is our prime concern.  As a team we work hard to deliver a quality service, providing the right information, advice and guidance you need.
Mark Alfer, head of operations, RapidXtra

Evolving with the market, and with you

Customer and regulator requirements are constantly evolving, and your chosen billing and CRM platform must therefore evolve alongside new needs and demands. RapidXtra is flexible in its ability to accommodate such changes and delivers in a cost-effective and agile way. Main upgrade releases due to regulatory change or an enhancement to core functionality, are a key benefit of choosing RapidXtra, and are readily available to our clients.

Of course, we recognise that each client we work with is unique.  Our agile processes enable you to more closely align RapidXtra to your own business strategy, carefully matching functionality to your specific requirements.  Our team will work closely with you throughout the process, delivering what you need on time and at an agreed cost.

We were looking for a system which would meet two primary criteria: on the one hand a system which is proven, reliable and cost effective; whilst on the other, not compromising on our desire for a great breadth of functionality and an innovative roadmap development plan to address the future needs of customers.
Julia Cherrett, managing director, Dwr Cymru Customer Services

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