The Future Roadmap

RapidXtra, the future proofed solution

As the UK water industry and wider utilities space continues to evolve, RapidXtra is at the forefront of evolution and innovation.  Our detailed product development roadmap is designed to meet changing business needs, evolving customer expectations and the known and anticipated regulatory requirements of the UK water industry.

Through market engagement, close client collaboration and a board level commitment to R&D, our roadmap ensures RapidXtra remains at the forefront of water billing today and in the future, focusing on:

Market Interaction


Regulation & Compliance


Debt Management


Customer Interaction

We develop RapidXtra proactively, ensuring all regulatory and legal requirements are incorporated, and delivered in a timely fashion to all of our clients. This helps our clients prepare for the future and provides that all important reassurance that their solution is, and will continue to be, future proofed.

That's not all.  RapidXtra is developed in partnership with our clients, who are all able to influence the direction, content and priorities of the product development roadmap. We hold frequent formal and informal client meetings as well as a quarterly RapidXtra usergroup forum. By working together, everyone is able to comment on and contribute to the future plans for the development of the product.

Customer billing: what might the future look like?

We recently took an in-depth look at the current state of billing in the UK, and asked a nationally representative sample of 1,000 households for their thoughts. As part of this research, we examined what the future might look like, and how billing may evolve in the years ahead...


The customer of the future

Customer expectations are evolving. When it comes to billing, how can businesses build customer trust?


True convenience

Is online billing as convenient as we think? With the pace of technological change, what's next to reduce customer effort?


Supporting vulnerability

As billing becomes more digital, what challenges do businesses face in identifying and supporting customer vulnerability?


The era of the multi bill?

A shift towards multi-utility billing seems inevitable.  But how can we ensure complexity is avoided and processes simplified?


Tailor made bills

With customers demanding more personalized experiences, how can businesses respond to deliver truly tailored billing communications?


The death of billing?

Real time fulfilment? Will this become a reality, and if so how will businesses engage customers as technology advances?

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