Water – UK Household

PR19. Helping you deliver great customer experiences

Empowering your agents to deliver

Sitting at the heart of your contact centre, RapidXtra helps your customer service advisors provide the right support to your customers. Advisors can view all customer interactions on one screen, providing a rounded view of the customer, and accurate response to the complete customer journey.

What's more, RapidXtra is intuitive, intelligent and very easy to use, minimising screen time, limiting key strokes and maximising ease of use.


RapidXtra is simple, quick and easy to navigate.  It enables effective customer and property management, integrates with online platforms instantly, and from a quality perspective, creates a robust audit trail.
Suzanne Curtis, customer service advisor


Supporting SIM and beyond

RapidXtra has been designed to allow you to focus on customer experience as opposed to inwardly orientated priorities. Providing greater visibility of factors impacting customer interactions, and the right regulatory reporting, RapidXtra supports your SIM performance.


RapidXtra is deployed by 3 of the top 4 SIM ranked water companies (2016/17)

And, as the sector moves into PR19, RapidXtra's robust roadmap will ensure we continue to support the delivery of great customer service under Ofwat's evolving customer experience mechanism.

Answering the growing debt challenge

Overall debt in the UK is growing. The number of customers in difficulty in increasing. At a time when water companies are having to collect more debt whilst operating under increasing cost to serve constraints, arrears and late payment strategies must be efficient and effective.

RapidXtra can help you achieve this either through its in-built debt management functionality or via proven, seamless interfaces to leading water sector third party debt solutions. Whichever option you choose, we'll help you deploy flexible recovery profiles that are accurately tailored to each customer and their unique circumstances.


Get set for competition

As debate continues into whether households should be able to choose their preferred water supplier, our extensive product roadmap ensures that, whether the market opens or not, RapidXtra will remain perfectly suited to the evolving needs of the UK Water Industry.

And, with 7 water retailers choosing RapidXtra as their system of choice in the competitive non-household sector, our experience and expertise in retail market implementations means we're here, ready to help as and when the household market develops.